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We offer building roofing for various purposes. We lay thatched roofs on residential buildings, cottages, garden houses, buildings, restaurants, hotels, and other surfaces according to customer requirements. Repair and maintenance of existing roofs is also provided. Our skilled team are able to thatch even the most complex surfaces. In addition, we offer advice during the design and construction phase s. We make ridges of different kinds, such as: heather, straw, ceramic, reed among other based on the desires of the investor. Roofs made by us in clued a 5 year guarantee and protection program. Service charges are dependent on the roof structure and degree of difficulty and are therefore agreed individually after free consultation. It should be emphasized that the starting price is very attractive compared to competitors' prices. The price includes all necessary materials. There is also the possibility of installing roofs using materials purchased by the investor. We also do a comprehensive wooden roof trusses.

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