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Fire regulations

Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure dated 12 April 2002. on the technical conditions of buildings location / OJ No. 75/2002 pos. 690, Section VI ­ fire safety /.

§ 212 establishes the five classes of fire resistance of buildings or parts thereof.

§ 213 Requirements for fire resistance of buildings referred to in § 212 do not apply to buildings:

1) Three storeys, including:
a) residential, single­family and individual recreation,
b) the residential and administrative forest holdings,
2) detached buildings up to two storeys, including:

a) the gross volume of 1500 m3 intended for tourism and recreation,
b) economic detached houses and homestead and forest holdings,
c) the gross volume of 1000 m3 intended for the professional or commercial activities or also with living,

3) Detached garages on the number of parking spaces not more than 2. The location of the buildings due to fire safety:
1. According to § 271 of the regulation, the distance between the outer walls of buildings characterized ZL risk category of people is:
­ Residential buildings, residence and public buildings should not be less than 8 m
2. If one of the outer walls located between the neighboring building ZL or covering of the roof of a building ZL is spreading fire, the distance of buildings should be increased by 50%, which is up to 12 m, and if the two exterior walls or roofs of both buildings are spreading fire ­ about 100%, or to 16 m.

3. Distance overlap the roof of the building with fire spreading from the edge of the forest should not be less than 16 m.